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Eclipse and Profile id _SELF_ is not registered

So I’m setting up a fresh Eclipse install for 3.6 M7 test pass week this morning and found that I was unable to install anything via p2. Any p2-related action that I performed ended up with a strange “Profile id _SELF_ is not registered” error in the log followed by many profanities. So the next obvious step was to debug the problem and about half way through debugging… I realized I hit a similar problem before on Mac and it was related to a bug in The Unarchiver application. I was right… again… for some reason, The Unarchiver will append “0000664” to p2 profile data while decompressing.

This is obviously a problem and will cause failures. The workaround is to strip the “0000664” suffix from the p2 profile data or simply use another unzipping tool. So for any folks who use Eclipse and hit this on Mac, I hope you find this post and save some pain.