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e4 @ Poznan JUG

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to speak at the Poznan JUG.

I cobbled up a presentation and demo about Eclipse e4 with the help of Boris Bokowski and Lars Vogel…

There was a lot of interest in e4 and people said they learned something new so I’m pleased. I also had the opportunity to meet Geertjan Wielenga from the Netbeans side of the world. He gave an interesting presentation on the status of the Netbeans platform and where they are headed. Good to see that Netbeans finally cares about OSGi… we had our own module system back in the day at Eclipse and realized that it’s better to just adopt a standard than hold onto your own. Anyways, kudos to the Netbeans team exposing OSGi to their user base. Ed Burns gave an interesting talk about the history of user interfaces and ways to classify them via an ontology, fascinating stuff.

On the whole, a special thanks to Adam Dudczak and the rest of the Poznan JUG team for the invite.