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API Usage Scan against Helios

Last year, I did a API usage scan against Galileo, well this year, I’m happy to report I have done the same against Helios M7.

How else am I going to build my naughty or nice list this year?

What type of things that an API usage scan can find? Well, let’s look at an example by looking at who references org.eclipse.core.contenttype

It looks like PDT is referencing some internal code from org.eclipse.core.contenttype when it probably shouldn’t be. Not to blame the PDT only, but there are many other projects referencing internals…

I encourage projects that are shipping part of the Eclipse Helios release to look at the API usage report. While there are valid reasons sometimes to access internal code, there are many times that internal code is referenced when there is a perfectly fine set of API available. On top of that, being API clean is going to be important when migrating to Eclipse e4.