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Git at Eclipse Webinar Next Week

Shawn Pearce and I are giving a webinar on July 13th about Understanding and Using Git at Eclipse…

The EGit project is implementing Eclipse tooling on top of JGit, the Java implementation of Git. Both EGit and JGit moved to Eclipse in May 2009 and shipped 0.8 with Helios. The EGit and JGit teams are busily working towards 0.9 which is targeted for Helios SR1 (September 2010). This webinar will give an update on the project progress and more detailed information about the design and features. A demo will illustrate how it’s used in its own development process. It will also show how Gerrit Code Review, a JGit based review system developed for the needs of the Android community, can help to further improve development processes.

Please register if you want to attend and learn more about Git and Eclipse.

On a side note, there will be a free GitTogether event October 25-27th at Google HQ. Git contributors and users alike are welcome to attend. If you’re interested in Git and in the bay area, please consider attending.