Twitter github Committers and Moving to Git

Are you an project lead or committer? Do you mind being an early adopter and want to help fully move to Git?

If you want to help, consider moving your project to Git. It’s not that hard, here’s how you do it:

If you want to see what other projects are using Git already, check out

I also recommend you start using the EGit tooling which we recently released the 0.9 version of. While the tooling isn’t perfect yet, we are getting closer to a more comfortable feature parity against the git CLI…

The best way to ensure the tooling meets your needs is to give it a spin and file any issues you come across. We’ll be releasing a new version of EGit and JGit towards the end of this year so this is your chance to get involved and help move to Git. Thank you to the people who have already done this and are doing their part.