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EclipseCon 2011 Program and Final Auditions

Just to let people know the EclipseCon 2011 program will be selected by the end of this week. The EclipseCon Program Committee has just about locked down selections on tutorials and extended talks. We are working hard to finish crafting the program and selecting the standard talks. If you want to influence the Program Committee with their decisions, please comment on the 200+ standard talk submissions in the system.

On a side note, we are also holding another audition session this Wednesday.

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Ekke Gentz, Stop Writing Boring (Business App) Unit Tests
  2. Paul Beusterien, The Mobile Web and Eclipse
  3. Serge Beauchamp, Deadlocks: The beginning of the end
  4. Farooq Kamal, ZINRO – A RCP, OSGI and SPRING based framework for developing scalable client server applications
  5. Mik Kersten, Bringing open source collaboration to the masses
  6. Jonson Yan, New Trend in Java Computing – A Silicon Based OSGi Platform for Real Time Embedded Computing
  7. Stefan Dimov, Click out your JPA 2.0 model
  8. Mustafa Isik & Sebastian Schmidt, INTERSTELLAR THERMONUCLEAR WAR with ECF – Multiplayer Game Development for High-Latency Mobile Networks
  9. Tristan Faure, Gendoc2 WYWIWYG (What You Write Is What You Get)
  10. Saurav Sarkar, Be a Columbus and explore your models through new EMF Model Query2
  11. Alberto Sillitti, Andrejs Jermakovics and Giancarlo Succi Source Code Evolution Analysis and Visualization with Lagrein

Please register for the audition and join the program committee in watching these excellent submissions. You may even learn something new about the Eclipse community you had no idea about! Good luck everyone!