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git-reflog and Eclipse

If you’re using git, you should familiarize yourself with the git-reflog command, it’s one of the commands I use frequently and one of the cooler things that git supports right out of the box. In fact, Alex Blewitt recently wrote a good blog post on the topic. The fact that I didn’t have access to the git-reflog inside of Eclipse annoyed me enough that on a flight a few days ago I hacked up an initial implementation which was improved upon by Kevin Sawicki.

If you double-click entries in the Git Reflog view, the proper commit is opened in the commit viewer for inspection. I’m happy to report that you’ll have access to this view in the nightly builds and it will ship as part of the EGit 1.1 release in September. I guess my next major annoyance to tackle is git-stash support… just need another long plane ride to hack something up 🙂