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Eclipse Committer Survey

At times, the Eclipse Foundation works with universities to help facilitate research around open source. Recently, the foundation has been working with two professors from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business (Jonathon Cummings and Tony O’Driscoll) who are conducting a survey on the ‘Values, Work Practices and Tool Usage’ of open source software projects.

I recommend we enjoy our time under the microscope and give these folks some interesting data to look at. We are over 1000 committers at the Eclipse Foundation now and have a myriad of different work practices across projects. Some of us like to plan more than others, some like to hold weekly meetings and some like to use mailing lists religiously. Some projects have a strong corporate influence (diverse or not) and some projects are filled with mostly individual contributors. In the end, there’s a lot of diversity amongst projects.

I highly recommend participating if you have the time and want to support research around Eclipse and open source communities.