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Eclipse Foundation Migrated to Git

Update: Mike Milinkovich has a great post on this topic too!

The countdown is finally over…


Over 80% of the projects at the Eclipse Foundation are finally on Git and CVS access is switched to be read only. I believe the projects left on SVN will migrate soon enough, there are just too many advantages with using Git.

One interesting bit of history regarding this migration to Git is it all started back in 2009 when some community and Eclipse Foundation board members wanted to have Git, JGit and EGit all at Eclipse. You may not believe it, but at that time, moving to Git was a bit controversial. I dug up a old Google doc that we had discussing the pros and cons of moving to Git (prepping a presentation for the Board), this is what we had for benefits:

  • Committers want Git support on
  • Provides all contributors equal tool support: non-committers equal citizens, reduces contributor startup time; have all committer tools at start, reduces contributor -> committer conversion bump
  • More accurate recording of activity: author recorded separately from committer; better IP tracking, code movement detection; better IP tracking after-the-fact; easy to maintain history, audit trails
  • Open source implementations; meets mandate to avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Widely popular: has become very high traffic site.
  • Staying power; many large projects use Git, its not going away. Big current users: Qt, KDE, Linux, Android,, Wine, OLPC, OpenAFS, Ruby, Perl5. More considering: GNOME, ASF
  • Easier to move projects to

An entertaining part of this analysis was the mention of GitHub becoming a high traffic site in 2009… GitHub recently posted some stats so we have an idea of what life was like in 2009 compared to now…

GitHub Stats

How times change.

2 Comments on "Eclipse Foundation Migrated to Git"

  • Mariot Chauvin says

    I remember your work on that with few others (Alex Blewitt for instance) to convince the foundation of the move necessity.

    Thanks to you and all the people who made it happens !

  • Thanks for the kudos!

    One funny thing I forgot to mention is that the Eclipse Foundation initially rejected our first proposal (done by the committer representatives at the time) to move to Git (and also have JGit licensed under the EDL only). It’s crazy to see how times have changed. I’m thrilled to have seen this all the way through.


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