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Eclipse: Naming Kepler+1

It’s that time of year again, time to name the next Eclipse release. The Eclipse Kepler release will happen on June 26, 2013, but after that, we’ll need a new name for the following release (because calling the next release Kepler+1 gets awkward over time). The naming responsibilities traditionally fall to the Eclipse Planning Council and preference will be given to names that start with “L”, but no strict rule that other names would not be considered. On top of that, preference is given to names that fit the moon, heavenly body gods, or scientists themes we’ve had in the past years.

To add your name to the list of possible names, see bug 398191. Here’s an initial list of names to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Lacus
  • Lakshmi
  • Leto
  • Leo
  • Leda
  • Loge
  • Lok
  • Luna

Have fun, the bugzilla entry will remain open until January 22nd to gather suggestions for potential names. After that, a community poll will be used to pick top choice. We may have a series of run-off polls until a majority vote is achieved. The poll should be opened on January 22nd with a week of voting allowed. The final decision on the name will be made by Feb 15th at the latest, maybe earlier depending how quickly final Legal approval is.

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