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Review: @ring door bell

I recently purchased a Ring door bell for the home and installed it last weekend:

I have to admit, I was worried this would be an @internetofshit type of experience:

However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with it and the install time event took less than an hour. The camera works great both in the day and during the night time. The speaker comes across loud and clear. The only downside right now is there is no API for the device.

On a related note, I’m also stoked that Ring recently announced an outdoor camera that integrates with the existing system:

I was in the market for an outdoor camera and this looks like it meets the majority of my needs. The only downside so far is the rechargeable battery, but it has a pretty long charge time (6-12 months) so you only have to fetch it once or twice a year to charge.

Anyways, I highly recommend the Ring doorbell for anyone that is looking for a home improvement upgrade.