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Shipping OCI v1.0.0

Last month after nearly 2 years, the Open Container Initiative (OCI) community shipped v1.0.0 (see release notes) of two container standard specifications:

Outside of relevant container standards finalized, another thing that was enabled by this v1.0.0 release was an interesting IP Policy (OWFa v1.0) embedded in the OCI charter. Essentially, there is patent non-assertion and royalty free patent grant made by all OCI members against the entire 1.0.0 specification implementations, not just their contributions!

This is simply good news for the industry when it comes to what I call establishing an “IP no fly zone” for core container technology, which should spur further container adoption. Also, standardization also helps implementors and tool builders feel safe that things won’t break, which has been a bit of a challenge given how fast container technology has been moving.

Finally, one more thing to highlight is that OCI is also helping sponsor a diversity scholarship at DockerCon EU in Copenhagen:

Please encourage qualified folks to apply, the deadline is September 5th.