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XTERRA Muleshoe 22K Trail Race 2010

Today I had the opportunity to take part in the XTERRA Muleshoe 22K Trail Race.

My right knee held up pretty well and I managed to finish in ~1:53 which is a decent time coming off my knee injury. I could of easily ran the race 10-15 minutes faster if I pushed myself a bit. I didn’t push myself until the last two miles which was too late to catch up to the head of the pack. Anyways, after I finished I went straight to the free beer to medicate a bit…

What I didn’t expect after three beers was participating in a Gatorade chugging contest for a pair of trail shoes…

It was a complete failure on my part… I tasted defeat and it tasted like Gatorade…

Race Revolutions did a great job hosting the event.

I will be better prepared for the drinking contest next time.

Statesman Capitol 10K 2010

This morning I had the opportunity (along with 20,000+ others) to run the Statesman Capitol 10K. It was a bit rainy in the morning so it wasn’t ideal running conditions but at least it wasn’t pouring…

I was running easy 6:40 splits until the last couple miles where a cramp started to eat away at me but I managed to finish in about 43 minutes. Overall I felt good and I’m confident my knee is just about fully recovered so I’ll be good for the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. On a side note, I was so close to getting the mark of the beast for my race number…

There’s always next time 🙂

Texas Linux Fest 2010

Today I had the opportunity to speak at Texas Linux Fest 2010 and meet some Red Hat colleagues…

I presented some ideas I had on how to get involved with open source and be successful with it. It seemed the audience received the presentation well even though I was a bit nervous since this was the first time I did this type of presentation (and I wasn’t talking about Eclipse). Some people have asked for the slides so I posted them on SlideShare.

Also, for the first time that this conference was put on, I think everything went smoothly (good job conference organizers). From my point of view, it was interesting to get exposed to the Linux enthusiast community again, it’s been awhile. I do admit I felt a bit dirty doing my presentation off my MacBook Pro using Keynote in front of an audience of Linux enthusiasts, but hey… Open Office is terrible… I’m a pragmatic open source guy 🙂


I had a nice 52 mile bike ride yesterday and came across some beautiful bluebonnets

Besides being the Texas state flower, when you start seeing bluebonnets in Austin it means summer is coming and my heat acclimation runs will be starting.

I can’t wait to feel the burn 🙂

Rogue Trail Series: The Maze 2010

This morning, I had an opportunity to participate in the Rogue Trail Series: The Maze trail race.

I signed up for the 30K and only ended up running around 20K. My knee is still giving me trouble on distances longer than 10K at any reasonable speed. I think I’m at the level now that I need some medical attention and lighter races until I heal up a bit.

That Chicago Marathon is later this year and I want to rock that race. Anyways, nothing like post trail race beer and good company to heal the knee pain away.

In the end, I’m still looking forward to my next trail race.

The Rosedale Ride 2010

Today I had the opportunity to do the Rosedale Ride in Austin.

The Rosedale School is AISD’s only school for children with multiple disabilities and the ride is all about raising money for the school. I did the race with one of my great friends and we did the 42.4 mile route and finished in about 2:30!

After we finished… in true Texas style… there was some serious grilling of BBQ…

On top of that, I spotted an FSM logo!

I love Austin. Tomorrow I have a 30k trail race to conquer!

Texas Independence Relay 2010

Last weekend, a bunch of friends and I crammed into a couple vans and participated in the Texas Independence Relay. The 203.20 relay race started in Gonzales, Texas…

We ran throughout the beautiful Texas countryside… town to town…

I only managed to get two legs in before my IT band said no more. I’m pretty sure this injury was a result of the Austin marathon and over-training… I plan to switch to the bicycle for the next few weeks while I recover. Thankfully, my awesome team managed to pick up the rest of my legs. We eventually made it to the Houston downtown area…

In the end, we managed to get to the San Jacinto Monument in 24:59:10!

I believe we placed in the top 5, but I’m not sure. I’ll know when the final results are posted from the race. On the whole, I highly recommend anyone who wants to do a relay race to do the TIR, there’s no better way to explore the Texas country side.

203.20 Miles… Again

I’m running the Texas Independence Relay again.

203.20 miles and 40 relay legs of running goodness…

This time I have the honor of being team captain and organizing the logistics of the race. After calculating our current leg times, I’m predicting that we will finish under 24 hours which is my goal. Last year the team finished just about 24 hours and we received 3rd place in the open mixed division.

My goal is to best that time from last year and hopefully finish in the top three again. I will take pictures and document the journey as much as I can!

Austin Marathon 2010

Yesterday, I participcated in the Austin Marathon which happened to be on Valentine’s Day.

The weather was beautiful in the morning, albeit chilly for Austin. I had a great start, hitting the 5K mark at about 22:27 with the 3:10 pace group. I continued on and hit the 10 mile mark at 1:12:21 with the 3:10 pace group. Just before the half marathon mark, I had to take a pit stop due to some stomach issues and tried to catch up to the 3:10 pace group. The pit stop was longer than I wanted it to be as I ended up crossing the half marathon mark at about 1:35:46 which was slightly behind my goal pace. I kept trying to chase the 3:10 group but couldn’t catch it after my pit stop. I crossed the 20 mile mark at about 2:30:03 which in my definition, equates to dragging ass. I managed to finish the marathon in 3:21:50…

My goal was 3:10 but I obviously missed it this time around. My stomach never felt the same after the pit stop and I had trouble catching up. If I take any lessons from this race, it’s to avoid pit stops at all costs. It breaks your rhythm.

My next marathon will be the Chicago Marathon where I will run a sub 3:10 🙂

RunTex 20 Miler 2010

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to run in the RunTex 20 Miler. All I can say is that it was freezing (for Austin) and I wasn’t ready for the cold…

I ended up finishing the race in roughly 2:29:30 which equates to about a 7:27/mi pace.

How did I feel? Pretty roughed up… my legs were fine but my stomach was in knots after the race. It didn’t help that when you finished the freezing race, there was nothing warm at the finish to consume. I mean, thanks for the bananas but I would have paid $20 for a cup of coffee at the point. My pace is still a bit slower than I want it to be. I should be running a 7:15/mi pace if I want to qualify for the Boston marathon this year when I run the Austin marathon in February.