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New EMF Book

I’m so filled with joy that I got my new copy of the EMF book:

It’s nestled in a nice comfortable place between the old EMF book and one of the BIRT books. I don’t know what that scary AJAX book is doing there… don’t ask.

In terms of book quality, I’m amazed at the amount of content that was packed into the new edition. If anyone remembers the first edition of the EMF book… the book was so good that the modeling guys managed to generate half the book’s content using EMF’s CodeGen facilities 🙂

I’m happy to report that in the second edition, the authors opted more for a handcrafted approach. All that generated javadoc that was found in the first edition was replaced with world class content on validation in EMF, running EMF standalone, change recorders and many other fun EMF topics.

So what are you waiting for? Why not order the second edition of the EMF book and help fulfill Ed Merk’s impossible fantasy of retiring off of book proceeds 🙂

GMF (Modeling) Book on Safari

It looks like the GMF Book is getting closer to being published. The rough cuts are published online now with a publication date of Feb 20, 2009. This should help the Modeling community quite a bit… especially given that the 2nd edition of the EMF book is coming out soon too.

Now back to writing the 2nd edition of the RCP book before I look like a slacker 🙂

Plug-in Development Tip

Ever wanted to browse for a Java class but not import the whole universe in your workspace? Well here is a tip for you… I’ll do it in pictures.

I start with an empty workspace… and I want to find the EObject class from EMF. I Ctrl+Shift+T my way to sadness:


However, there is a Plug-ins view in Eclipse from PDE that allows me to add plug-ins to ‘Java Search.’

Now I try searching for my EObject class:

Now I’m happy 🙂


Ah, Deutschland! The land of good beer, fast trains and David Hasselhoff music videos. I’m headed to Eclipse Forum Europe next week in Germany to do a couple talks. I always enjoy my trips to Germany because everyone loves Eclipse there and is very hospitable! Germans seems to love EMF and Model Driven Development (MDD) too… everywhere I go people seem to be doing something with EMF. Now that I think about it, maybe Ed Merks should move to Germany… he could be the David Hasselhoff of the Eclipse community in Germany 🙂

All jokes aside, I’m looking forward to the trip and spreading the Eclipse love! Eclipse Forum Europe is a well run conference with quality speakers. If anyone is up for a beer or for one of those famous Stammtisch’s, please let me know!

GEF moving to J2SE-1.5?

For those who are curious, GEF is planning to move to J2SE-1.5 soon. I’m not the biggest fan of moving up Java levels if there’s no good reason to as it usually crushes my dreams of having things run on the current level of embedded devices out there. For example, I bugged Ed awhile ago to consider making a certain version of EMF workable on J2ME. Some time passed and Ed actually got EMF working on eRCP… exposing EMF technology to a whole new audience. I’d imagine someone wanting Draw2D or GEF functionality on a device sometime in the future (I believe RAP people are experimenting with Draw2D working in a browser).

Please raise your concerns or praises about GEF moving to J2SE-1.5 on the bug. It’s always nice to have your voice heard.

An Unbelievable Poor Man’s UML

I saw an advertisement at the greatest movie theatre ever about a 90’s one-hit wonders sing-along that featured a band called EMF. I was ashamed to learn that this was one band I didn’t know about from the 90’s, especially given that their one hit wonder was ‘Unbelievable.’

This is a great personal holiday gift as I have something else I can tease the EMF team about. If you haven’t tried EMF, highly recommend it. To explain everything it can do would be hard in a short post, but to start, think of it as an excellent xml binding framework that has its own micro-ecosystem built on top of it. For a nice and entertaining introduction to EMF, I recommend David Bosschaert’s set of posts:

EMF on Devices

I would just like to point people to a bug that I thought was really cool, a Peter Nehrer has prototyped EMF working on a much lower execution environment (meaning, EMF has the possibility to run on devices).

Hopefully the EMF team investigates this possibility after the Europa release, it’ll be a cool thing to watch.

EMFT Query, Validation and Transaction Graduate

The EMFT Query, Validation and Transaction components have graduated to the EMF project. This is great news for people who want first class support for querying their models, validating their models (with pluggable validators!) and transactional support for their models. Now if someone cared about making EMF work on devices 😉

I don’t think people give EMF enough credit, it is probably the most used Eclipse component for commercial projects.

I’m going to retract my statement of “practically every large company using EMF,” that may have been too much. I’m working with the EMF team to see if we can come up with a list of adopters to really see how prevalent EMF is.