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GEF moving to J2SE-1.5?

For those who are curious, GEF is planning to move to J2SE-1.5 soon. I’m not the biggest fan of moving up Java levels if there’s no good reason to as it usually crushes my dreams of having things run on the current level of embedded devices out there. For example, I bugged Ed awhile ago to consider making a certain version of EMF workable on J2ME. Some time passed and Ed actually got EMF working on eRCP… exposing EMF technology to a whole new audience. I’d imagine someone wanting Draw2D or GEF functionality on a device sometime in the future (I believe RAP people are experimenting with Draw2D working in a browser).

Please raise your concerns or praises about GEF moving to J2SE-1.5 on the bug. It’s always nice to have your voice heard.