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Ganymede Article

Just to let people know, my annual Eclipse train article is out:

Eclipse Ganymede at a Glance

Thanks to all the committers and project leads who helped me compose it with their fantastic quotes. I’m a big fan of hearing things from the source, so I’m sure the technical readership will appreciate it just as much as I do.

BBQ, Ganymede, DemoCamp

I am proud to announce that Austin will be hosting a DemoCamp for Ganymede. Why should you come? Well, first, Nokia will graciously be hosting the DemoCamp in their downtown offices (thank you!):

Why is this awesome? Because about two blocks from their offices is Stubbs BBQ:

This is where we will have lunch and drink (after the demos) in honor of the Ganymede release.

So please come and join us Austinites for BBQ, demos, beer and good times! Note, we have a limit of about 20-25 people for this event so put your name down early!

Where in the world is…!?

Oh my, I just had a flash back to Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. In case you guys haven’t seen this, the Eclipse Foundation is doing a cool contest for Ganymede that involves a cool map:

From the looks of it, Europeans love Ganymede more at the moment… I guess Ganymede is a better word than ‘Europa’ for them 🙂

As a committer, it’s nice to read reviews of Ganymede from community members as you get a feeling of like, “oh wow, someone actually appreciates the work we put into that feature.”

If you have a minute, please add yourself to the map. I personally plan to add myself once my sweet Ganymede article comes out next week.

Ganymede IP Deadline

As a gentle reminder, for Eclipse committers and projects, the Ganymede IP Review deadline is in a week (the 31st). So how about everyone file their Contribution Questionnaires and not be shady about it :)?

EclipseCon and Ganymede Splash

Just another reminder for people that EclipseCon submissions close today! Please submit something while you still can!

In 3.4M4, it looks like Eclipse will get an updated splash screen:

Kind of cool, eh?

Now someone needs to recreate one of those wallpapers we used for Europa for Ganymede.