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WTP Loosening Up

The WebTools Architecture Group is investigating splitting up WebTools components in a set of more consumable downloads. For example, you’ll be able to download the Facets framework or JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT) in a separate download, similar to how you can grab SWT standalone.

If you’re interested in this work or have any comments to give, check out the dedicated wiki entry (talk page) and newsgroup post.

I’m personally excited about seeing the SSE as a consumable download. Overall, I think this is great and hope the community provides feedback as they are the ones most affected by WTP doing this.

Kind Words about Eclipse

It looks like a blogger has some kind words about PDT and WTP:

It was very easy to get started using. I skipped the tutorials and dived in and created a project. I’ve been using it for a week, and it’s already made a significant difference. For one thing, I have easy access to the functions and classes of PHP 5 with references as to input parameters and return types. Also it does syntax checking automatically, so it’s very easy to track typos and such.

There’s a lot of depth in Eclipse, and I’m just learning the tool. But I am already impressed that it has made me more productive. Using an IDE for development just makes a lot more sense. It feels like a real coding tool, and it is.

So I’ve already said goodbye to Dreamweaver and shifted my development work into Eclipse. It’s open source so it’s free software. The Eclipse Foundation manages the community that develops it.

It’s worked well for me at work, but I’ve used it now at home to modernize Manufactured Environments’ templates into the new module structure available in Movable Type 4.0. Eclipse feels like a good match for the type of tasks I’m using it for – PHP development, XML and XSLT development, and general web work.

Sometimes it’s very nice to hear kind words in a sea of critics.

In the words of Scott Adams, “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

XML Tools Component

Just to keep people in the loop, the Webtools project is going to be incubating a new XML Development Tools component. The goal of this new component is turn Eclipse into a first-class XML development tool. It will include contributions from the popular EclipseXSLT and X-Assist projects. From my perspective, it’s really exciting to see Eclipse community members coming together to make the XML development space a better place in Eclipse.

XSLT Support and WTP

Sometimes it’s good to stir the pot (especially when the pot has been stale for 2 years and you found it serendipitously). If you’re interested in XSLT support in the WTP project, please voice your support on the bug and send Lars (of EclipseXSLT fame) a virtual beer for his good work. This is something that I have been personally missing in Eclipse and it’s about time we get it.

On a side note, from one open-source developer to another… if you ever come across anyone wanting to contribute to your project, it should be one of your top priorities to make sure a relationship is formed. Building a successful open-source project is about building communities and relationships… that trumps whatever bug you’re working on at the moment.