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GraphicsZilla & The Running Man

This post is dedicated in loving memory to the Eclipse running man (resurrect him)

Ever wonder where graphics from the various Eclipse projects come from? Who knows! My point here is that the current process isn’t as transparent as it could be. I think the Eclipse Foundation has done a great job with IPZilla and I think a similar thing could be done with graphics and user interface related tasks. Imagine something like GraphicsZilla (or UIZilla), where projects could post requests for graphics, ask for feedback on user interface related items.

For those who don’t believe this is possible, let me use the example of the Modeling Project logo contest. This simple contest with minimal advertising attracted quite a few submissions from the community, which one of them was chosen to be the logo. Not all Eclipse developers are programmers, there are fantastic designers (ie., Linda Watson, Kimberley Peter, etc…) out there that are part of the Eclipse community.

The point here is that the community is Eclipse’s greatest and most important asset and we are missing out by not taking advantage of their valuable input.

Thoughts (opened a bug)?