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Lotusphere & Eclipse

I will be facilitating a BOF at Lotusphere 2007 which will serve as a meeting of the minds between some Eclipse people (me and Mark Rogalski who is from eRCP fame), Lotus open-source people (OpenNTF) and general community members. The idea here is to get people talking to see how open-source (and Eclipse) can impact Lotus. Or what Lotus can do to better learn from the open-source community. My personal and selfish goals are to: 1) build a better bridge between the Lotus (open-source) community and the Eclipse community; 2) Try to get Lotus using a planet similar to Planet Eclipse as they have some vivacious bloggers.

My offer always stands if anyone is in the Orlando, FL area next week and wants to partake in some frosty beverages while talking open-source 🙂