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The Welcome Framework and Europa

That zany UA team was at it again with a new feature for Eclipse 3.3 which I think Eclipse projects should take advantage of. The feature provides you a way to introduce your project to a user when the project is installed say via an update site. A good example of this is what I’ve done with ECF.

Basically when ECF gets installed, you get the welcome framework notifying you that a new “feature” has been installed by highlighting a relevant welcome entry. It would be nice if all projects part of the Europa release would do this (however, this now raises the question whether we need some coordination between projects to be more careful about the wording that goes on the welcome page). Mylar? CDT? TPTP? Who is in?

Also, notice that the ECF welcome entry is missing a beautiful icon. It would be great if someone in the community would donate some of their time and provide a welcome icon. That would be fantastic and I would owe that person a frosty beverage, please use this bug as a point of submission (if you want to create more icons, here’s another bug, you’ll save Russia from blindness if you do ;p).