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PDE meets Bangalore

Wassim and I from PDE will be at Eclipse Forum India (EFI) next week giving conference attendees a full-day of PDE love 🙂

If anyone at the conference wants to sit down with us and chat about PDE/Eclipse (over an optional frosty beverage of course) please let us know. At the last EclipseCon, the PDE team heard good ideas (particularly from those demanding Band XI guys ;p) that we incorporated into the 3.3 release of PDE. We would love to do the same at EFI (for 3.4).

On a side note, as a committer representative, I would love to hear what issues or suggestions Eclipse committers in the area have. At Eclipse Forum Europe, I heard some complaints which I acted on and would like to do the same at EFI. Feel free to drop me a line and we can chat.