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Eclipse BugDay

Ok, I’ve finally done it… I’m putting together a bugday for Eclipse! The first bug day will be July 27 2007. Don’t know what a bugday is? Please check out the FAQ.

Note, this will be a small experiment first to see how things go. If we get a lot of contributors from the community stepping up to participate in bugday, we’ll continue having them and expand the number of committers that participate!

If you’re a community member and ever wanted to have code included in an Eclipse release, well now is your chance 🙂 Check out the FAQ to learn how to participate. It will be as simple as picking certain bugs (these are keyworded as ‘bugday’ ) chosen by the projects participating in the first bugday. Don’t worry, these bugs are geared for first time contributors. For example, ECF has a bug that wants to add a default IRC server. WTP has a bug to reorganize the location of some wizards. If you’re interested in any of these bugs, please let the bug authors know in the bug and update the wiki with your intentions.

Other than that, I hope some people choose to participate as the Eclipse Foundation has offered some swag to the first participants of bugday. Feel free to ask me any questions via email or on this blog via a comment.

Also, thanks to everyone on IRC that has helped put this together (Nitin, Remy, Paul, Kim), couldn’t do it without you guys.