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Eclipse BugDay is Friday

It’s that time of month again… it’s Eclipse BugDay this Friday. Here are bugs I find interesting from PDE:

[220109] – [refactoring] Add a PDEDeleteParticipant
[233682] – open extension point by double clicking in the manifest editor
[184084] – [refactoring] Renaming an .exsd file should cause plugin.xml to be updated
[241505] – New Library Plug-in wizard should allow to set a BREE
[240597] – Refactor site.xsl for easier maintenance

Also, this BugDay marks a year since the program was started at Eclipse.

Was it a good idea? Was it successful? I don’t know, but I do know from a bugzilla query that over 200 bugs have been fixed as a result of bugday. That’s not too bad 🙂

In the end, it’s been fun working with new contributors inside of PDE and other projects, thanks for participating!

BugDay is Today

Just a reminder that Eclipse bugday is today.

If you have some spare time away from the bundle eating monsters, feel free to squash a bug or two.

The next bugday will be April 25th.

Eclipse BugDay Provisioned?

Just a reminder that the latest installment of Eclipse’s BugDay is this Friday.

I have some good news for people getting started as our kind friends at Innoopract have setup some easy profiles using their cool Yoxos On Demand Eclipse Distro service. They are *beta-testing* this type of functionality to see what type of reception it gets from the community. What do profiles mean in this case? Well, a profile will give you everything you need to get started like plugins, mylyn queries for the bugs and triage as well as a PSF.

I encourage other committers to get involved with bugday if they have the time. Just today I helped someone on IRC with a simple bug that never contributed anything to Eclipse. In this process he learned about working with Eclipse’s repository, the importance of self-hosting and how to use Mylyn. I know I could’ve just committed the simple fix myself, but taking someone through the process has value as it’s a good Eclipse community building exercise.

Take care!

New Year, New BugDay

Just a gentle reminder that if you have time to do some bug squashing, the first bugday of the new year is today.

Have some PDE BugDay love in mind? Here’s a fairly simple one:

[214977] – Ensure the BREE needed for compliation is listed first

Some PDE BugDay Results

There were some cool things done in PDE for the Eclipse BugDay. Let me highlight a couple.

An improved log view due to Jacek Pospychala (Group By implemented and current session is highlighted):

An improved Plug-in Spy (ALT+SHIFT+F1) with hyperlinking enabled for plug-in references due to Willian Mitsuda:

Thanks everyone for the patches and the time you took to participate in bugday!

Happy BugDay!

Here’s just a reminder that Eclipse BugDay is upon us again. I actually managed to participate this time around and fix an issue in Mylyn that bothered me to no end. If you have time in your day today to go through some bugs, please do so. Here’s some interesting ones from PDE:

  • [154206] – Ensure that bin.includes does not refer to the source
  • [199098] – [Schema][Editors] Duplicate names are allowed from source page
  • [208742] – NLS of WorkspacePluginModelBase only works if resource is called

Good luck bug squashing!

PDE Does Singapore

Well, I’m off on my Asia adventure today. This involves being on a plane for 24 hours but, I think it will be worth it once I get to talk Eclipse and plug-ins at JAX Asia next week. My offer of discussing Eclipse over a frosty beverage always stands if anyone is in the Singapore area 😉

A long trip on a plane for me can only mean one thing, productivity. I plan to squash some Eclipse bugday bugs on the plane ride, one of them being one of my favorite Eclipse pet peeves: wizards that suffer from amnesia. I also plan to work on some new articles that will discuss some plug-in development best practices that I’ve learned over the years and touch on some aspects of PDE that aren’t understood well (ie., the target editor, automated management of dependencies, plug-in search, etc…).

I’ve also been looking over EclipseCon submissions for the tracks I’m chairing. It’s going to be really tough to choose the long talks… there’s a lot of good submissions with not many slots to fill. There’s also some really good short talks and tutorial submissions this year. Why do you guys have to make it so hard :(?

On a side note, if you’re interested in a rich text editor in Eclipse, voice your support on this bug which aims to make the sexy editor out of the EPF project consumable for third parties. In case you want a sneak peak at the editor’s features, Philip Beauvoir has already done some work in this area to make the editor consumable in an RCP application.

Remember to rock the vote on Eclipse bugs you care about 🙂

Contributors and PDE 3.4M3

Eclipse 3.4M3 is coming out soon and with that, I thought I’d offer everyone a sneak peek at what’s going on from the PDE side of things. However, before I do that, I’d like to mention that for the first time, PDE had more bugs fixed from contributors than committers. So I first like to thank the following people for their contributions this milestone:

In terms of what was done for this milestone, let me show one of my favorite ones:

It’s now possible to refactor extension points and have it automatically update referencing extensions found in the workspace. This was a bit painful before if you had to do it by hand and happened quite frequently to me because I’d define an extension point like thing and forgot to pluralize it into things.

For the rest, you’ll have to wait until Friday 🙂

Eclipse October BugDay

Just a friendly reminder that the Eclipse October BugDay is coming up this Friday. We already have a few awesome participants, but it would be nice to have some more. If you’re interested in helping PDE out this time around, we recently enhanced the error log view by partitioning out log statements by session:

Cool huh? It would even be cooler if the current session was highlighted.

If bolding text isn’t your thing, here are some other bugs from PDE:

  • [142422] – Update class references in dependent plugin.xmls
  • [195433] – Junit plugin test configuration should use project’s JRE by default
  • [190717] – [Target][Editors] Target editor, content page: Features tab should not show Add Working Set etc

Eclipse BugDay October 2007

Last month’s Eclipse bugday ended with 22 bugs fixed and improved project participation!

The next bugday is scheduled for October 26th with rumors of EMF and GEF participating this time around. If you’re looking for interesting PDE bugs, check these out:

  • [205198] – Flag when there are missing bundle or package version ranges
  • [201964] – [Schema][Editors] “Use” default value text field should be read-only when editor is not editable

Good luck!