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PDE and BugDay

I just wanted to share something cool that has come out of bugday so far!

But first, let me tell you a story! Have you ever worked on your cool plug-in project or product, drank a few glasses of wine (or some fine coffee porter) to see this in your project explorer view:

External Plug-in Libraries…? Where did that come from? How many glasses of wine did I have? Where am I? I don’t remember creating that project.

Well, I have good news, you didn’t create that project directly. If you ever took advantage of adding plug-ins to Java Search (which a lot of people do via the Plug-ins view), PDE indirectly created this project to help the awesome JDT search the plug-in(s) you’re interested in. I’ve always wanted this project hidden by default because it confused me as a new user and it will probably confuse other new users (some of which will probably delete that project when they see it anyway).

So now back to bugday. Peter Friese submitted a patch and finally fixed this problem. There is now a filter that is on by default:

Thanks Peter and check this out in the next I-build!