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August Eclipse BugDay Results

I just wanted to let everyone know how the last Eclipse BugDay went. There were 30 bugs that were solved by 10+ contributors. Good stuff. I hope to attract more projects for the next Eclipse BugDay which will occur on September 28th. If you’re part of an Eclipse project and want to participate, check out the FAQ and feel free to ask me any questions on IRC.

If someone wants to get an early start on bug day and happens to love working sets, here’s an easy one from PDE:

[202797] – Plug-in working set description

Or if you don’t like the color yellow, here’s another one:

[174191] – [Manifest Editor] Extension attribute tool tip is yellow on Vista

I’ll do my best to add some interesting ones for the next bug day from the PDE bucket when I triage the whole inbox later this week.