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This Week in PDE

So what happened this week in PDE?

  • [202044] – Refactor LogView into a new plug-in (org.eclipse.ui.views.log)
    • The log view has been refactored into its own bundle to help with consumability and serviceability. It still remains in the PDE feature as I couldn’t bribe the Platform team in slipping it into the Platform feature.
  • [198724] – Raise warning when . is not on bundle-classpath and there are source folders
    • This is one of those problems that keeps Ed Merks and his newsgroup addiction in business. New plug-in developers find it hard to debug problems when things work at development-time versus not working during run-time. Now if PDE detects a mismatch between your bundle classpath and what is specified in your, you’ll get a nice error and cool quickfix (in this case, we had a source.library.jar entry and no corresponding bundle classpath entry):