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Error Log View and You

So, given that I’ve seen two instances today where people have wanted to know how to use the log view within their applications, I figure a blog entry is in order. The log view currently lives within the PDE feature and specifically the org.eclipse.pde.runtime plug-in (or org.eclipse.ui.views.log in Eclipse 3.4 and beyond). To add the view to your application you need to do two things:

  1. Add a dependency on org.eclipse.pde.runtime (or org.eclipse.ui.views.log in Eclipse 3.4)
  2. Reference the view in your perspective with the id org.eclipse.pde.runtime.LogView (this is the same still in 3.4)

That’s it! Don’t believe me? Here’s the famous RCP Browser example with the log view (patch to help people out in 3.4, if in 3.3, simply replace org.eclipse.ui.views.log with org.eclipse.pde.runtime as a dependency in the MANIFEST.MF).: