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Kim Horne reminded me today about greatbugs. I don’t know if Eclipse contributors know this, but it brings us committers such joy when a bug comes with detailed steps to reproduce, a patch and a test case. It’s a trifecta of bug squashing goodness.

It saves committers a ton of time if there is an easy way to reproduce the problem and a solution attached. In PDE, we recently filed a bug to do some refactoring around project operations and in the back of our minds thought that this type of stuff would never get addressed. Lo and behold, Les Jones contributed an excellent patch and test case to boot for the enhancement. Les will make his way to the PDE Hall of Fame soon 🙂

On a side note, Ian Bull (PDE Incubator committer) squeezed in an enhancement for 3.4M3 today. It will now be easier to work with your launch configurations when dealing with thousands of bundles. By the way, someone should hire Ian, I hear he’s finishing his PhD soon and I will be personally devastated if he doesn’t find a good job.