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Disabling Bundles

The PDE and Equinox Framework teams have been busy graduating a concept of enable and disable for the runtime.

What does this mean? Well, bundles can essentially be disabled and prevented from starting due to some reasoning. This concept is very useful to the security work that is going on in the Equinox incubator. To help test this concept, the OSGi console was enhanced to support some new commands (enable/disable):

I also decided to polish up the Plug-in Registry view in PDE to enable power users to do some advanced bundle-related operations:

As a power user, don’t be a stupid power user and stop/disable some important bundles in your runtime instance 🙂

On a side note, if you want to help PDE improve the Plug-in Registry view even more, I filed an enhancement regarding exposing a Diagnose action similar to what is available in the OSGi console.