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A Case of the Monday’s

I turned on my instant messenger software this morning and got bombarded by two-related questions. The first question was in regards to how to find and use the ‘Organize Manifests’ wizard within PDE. That was easy to answer. The next question was roughly the same as the previous but dealt with the ‘Externalize Strings’ wizard. When I answered where the wizard was, I said just check out the ‘Exporting’ section of the Manifest editor’s Overview page…

He told me my answer was wrong.

I guess I had a different picture of what should be in that section than what is really there (ooops). What does a crafty Eclipse committer due to make sure he doesn’t look wrong? The solution is to quickly write a patch and make sure it gets into the next build and claim that the option would be there if you used the latest and greatest:

See, I was right 🙂