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Articles, Articles, Articles

During my last webinar on Plug-in Development 101, I received feedback from an attendee that they would like to see more basic articles about Eclipse out there. Since I do anything for Eclipse, of course I obliged and produced a Plug-in Development 101 article series over at developerWorks (part 2 is coming early next month).

While this article may not apply to most readers of my blog, it’s nice to have basic information out there to foster community growth. It would be great to see a CDT 101 or Higgins 101 out there for the masses. I’m always willing to help any Eclipse projects out there if they need some article help, feel free to contact me.

For the more advanced Eclipse developer out there, Ian Bull and I are working on a Zest article for next month. On a personal note, once Ian and I are done, I’ll be celebrating my 25th Eclipse-related published article! Drinks on me!

Thanks everyone for reading, if you have any article suggestions, feel free to drop me a note.