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Sprint Titan and eRCP

Sprint has released its Titan platform to develop mobile applications on Sprint phones. What’s Titan in a nutshell, well lets look at this picture from the Titan overview slides:

What’s that we see in red? Oh my, it’s eRCP, what’s that doing there! People always called me crazy when I told them Eclipse would find its way into your cell phone or PDA, but look, another phone! In Sprint’s case, it looks like the ease of application development, shared services and the ability to do some cool remote management swayed the business case for including OSGi and eRCP within Sprint phones.

On a side note, this is what I have:

That’s an ‘Eclipse Installed’ sticker on my Blackberry. I tend to take the approach if I keep saying something, it will eventually just be true (I heard that works well in politics). Are you listening RIM? I know you’re a gold sponsor at EclipseCon, your tooling is built on Eclipse… the next logical step is Eclipse in your phone. I think you should hurry up because the rumor on the street is that Fake Steve Jobs will announce Eclipse on the iPhone at EclipseCon 🙂