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EclipseCon, eRCP and Sprint Titan

I like free things, especially when the things are electronic gadgets. I just heard that Sprint will be raffling away free Titan-enabled smart-phones for people who show an eRCP-based application that runs on Titan. To qualify for the drawing, I believe you have to show your application off:

  • Directly after the Titan long talk
  • During the IBM Developer Day reception
  • During the Titan poster session

If you have some spare time on your hands, you can craft an eRCP application pretty easily if you have any experience with RCP. Here are some resources to help get you started:

  • My eRCP article
  • Another eRCP article
  • eRCP Sudoku example in CVS (org.eclipse.ercp.sudoku*)
  • eRCP Helloworld in CVS

By the way, I’d look for an official press release soon for the details, but what’s wrong with getting started a bit early :)?