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Eclipse GSOC Deadline is Monday

The deadline for GSOC applications is Monday the 31st. If you’re a student, please check out the growing list of Eclipse-related ideas.

A new proposal trickled in from the Equinox team this morning… if you’re interested in hard computational problems and the Equinox runtime resolver… you may be interested in the Equinox and SAT4J project proposal. This is an opportunity to do some deep diving in Equinox if you’re interested…

There’s also a lot of interesting proposals from the Platform Workspace team involving improving the state of compare workflows. If someone implements comparing two folders they would be my hero.

If you’re a student, why not give these project ideas a shot or submit your own? I think hacking Eclipse as part of GSOC can make you some more money than mining for things in World of Warcraft over the summer. $4500… you can buy 10,000 cans of cheap American beer with that. A bit less if you want to upscale it and go for good imports of German or Belgian beer.

Think about it.