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eRCP in OSGi Standardization?

For those of you who don’t pay attention to mailing lists closely… there’s been a request for feedback on standardizing eRCP in OSGi. Yes you read that right, there are people wanting to standardize eRCP in OSGi to help with adoption. There are some large backers for this proposal… Sprint, ProSyst, Nokia, and IBM.

What are my thoughts? Well, besides the quirks of reverse-specing something… it seems like a good idea. However, I’m still a bit uneasy with where the control lies… does this specification imply that the OSGi community gets to dictate what is in eRCP from now on? What impact does this have on the RCP stack controlled by the Eclipse community? Does the eRCP project in Eclipse become the reference implementation, similar to how Equinox is the reference implementation for OSGi?

Cool stuff… it’s amazing to see the excitement around OSGi and eRCP these days!