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So, I finally broke down and bought a macbook pro:

I’m slowly adapting to a life without home and end keys. It also took me awhile to figure out how to disable the crazy default setting of having the function keys not act like standard function keys (F5 is for refresh, not for decreasing screen brightness!). I managed to download Quicksilver which is pretty cool. I have Firefox and Thunderbird for my browsing and newsgroup needs.

On the brightside, I should be able to tackle Mac bugs in an easier fashion instead of begging Kim Horne to look at issues. I also see the opportunity to make PDE a first-class Mac citizen when it comes to building products. I’d like to see fancy .dmg type things come out of product export (with customization of course) to make it easier to develop Eclipse-based products in the Mac world.

Finally, anyone have tips for a new Mac user, especially one who spends the majority of his time inside Eclipse?