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Eclipse BugDay is Friday

It’s that time of month again… it’s Eclipse BugDay this Friday. Here are bugs I find interesting from PDE:

[220109] – [refactoring] Add a PDEDeleteParticipant
[233682] – open extension point by double clicking in the manifest editor
[184084] – [refactoring] Renaming an .exsd file should cause plugin.xml to be updated
[241505] – New Library Plug-in wizard should allow to set a BREE
[240597] – Refactor site.xsl for easier maintenance

Also, this BugDay marks a year since the program was started at Eclipse.

Was it a good idea? Was it successful? I don’t know, but I do know from a bugzilla query that over 200 bugs have been fixed as a result of bugday. That’s not too bad 🙂

In the end, it’s been fun working with new contributors inside of PDE and other projects, thanks for participating!