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Who likes pretty pictures and visualization!? I do!

Check out the GEF3D project:

Kind of cool huh!? The concept is quite cute, GEF3D extends GEF by having 3D enabled draw and controller classes. So, instead of drawing 2D figures (e.g., Draw2D), you can now draw 3D figures! Another cool aspect of the project is that existing GEF-based 2D editors can be embedded into 3D editors with minimal effort.

I’m currently working with the GEF3D project leads to move this project over to… look for a project proposal soon (GEF3D is already under the EPL). Let me know if you support this project, I’ll put your name down as one of the interested parties in the proposal.

On the whole, I’m excited to see more visualization technologies at, with Zest coming in last year, GEF3D would make a very nice addition.