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Galileo Test Drive

I had fun test driving Galileo this weekend. Things are looking pretty good… it’s exciting to see over 30 Eclipse projects be part of the Galileo simultaneous release this year. Since Eclipse uses OSGi and has a great extensibility mechanism via the extension registry, we make it really easy for plug-ins to play together. This may sound great, but there’s a problem with seamless integration sometimes. For example, take a look at this screenshot from Galileo:

What’s the problem here? Well, it seems we have some people that think their contributions are the most important in the world. It happens, it’s very common for a developer to do something like this because it’s much harder to scope a contribution than to simply add one. I’m going to do my part and open bugs against issues I find… we’re lucky to have early access to Galileo builds so we can do a review like this. I heartily recommend that Eclipse committers give Galileo and early test drive and look for problems. By reporting and solving these problems early, we can make a better release for our consumers.

If you’re going over the Galileo release, why not take some time to go over the Eclipse UI guidelines too?