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Shirts and Workspaces

If you haven’t heard yet, the EclipseCon 2009 committer shirt contest is going on now (go vote!) Here are my three favorites… first we have the classic polo which can be used in any office or meeting setting:

Next, we have the XML/XSL shirt which I give bonus points to because I imagine only Dave Carver wearing it:

Finally, royal purple is always in fashion for me so here’s my final favorite:

On top of all this fun t-shirt selection, I’d like to point people to an excellent post by Emil Crumhorn discussing how to add the workspace chooser dialog in an RCP application. I’ve done this in the past and it was tragically hard if you weren’t using the IDE application in Eclipse. I hope that in the e4 timeframe, we look at making this easier for people as the concept of a workspace is still useful for RCP applications. The only difference is that RCP developers may expose the workspace selection in a different fashion and not even use the term, “workspace.”