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OSGi’s 10th Anniversary

There was a nice press release about OSGi’s 10th anniversary yesterday. It’s amazing to see the technology go this far… especially when I consider the original mission of the Open Service Gateway initiative a failure. Back in the day, the promise was all about bundles in my car, internet-enabled toasters and refrigerators:

Ok, OSGi may not have revolutionized the home automation market, but it has indeed changed the software industry. In my opinion, it’s truly the first dynamic component system with a proper service model and versioning system. Once you have tasted modular software development with OSGi, it’s hard to do anything else. OSGi provides a way for you to setup boundaries and enforce them… this isn’t that easy in other systems. It’ll be interesting to see where the next few years takes us on the OSGi adventure…

Anyways… here’s to another million deployments and OSGi finally entering my household… let’s start with the fridge first please, I need bundles to control my caloric intake 🙂