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Computer Science, Beer and Cycling

I’m doing the Urban Assault race in Austin tomorrow.

Urban Assault Logo

The race involves cycling to various checkpoints and completing obstacle courses! It’s very fun because when you’re done, you get to drink a bunch of beer provided by the New Belgium Brewing company (famous for their Fat Tire beer). What’s awesome about this race is that it’s pretty much a real world version of the famous Traveling Salesman Problem covered in most Computer Science programs. The problem can be summed up as given a list of cities and their distances away from each other, find the optimal path to visit each city exactly once.

So what did I end up doing with my Computer Science background? I entered the various Urban Assault checkpoints into a online TSP solver:

TSP Urban Assault

Now I have a good idea of what the best route would be given the constraints!

Who says Computer Science doesn’t have its uses in fitness related activities 😉

Follow your folly!