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The Company-Customer Pact

I’m not a fan of anonymous feedback or anonymous communication, especially if you’re trying to build a community around something. I recently came across the Company-Customer Pact which I highly recommend people read as it embodies a lot of things I believe in.


We, customers and companies alike, need to trust the people with whom we do business. Customers expect honest, straightforward interactions where their voices are heard. Companies work to inspire brand loyalty and deliver satisfaction while trying to understand their customers better. It is evident that we all have a crucial stake–and responsibility–in transforming the adversarial tone that too often dominates the customer experience.

A Call for Shared Responsibility

Along with open, authentic communication comes the mutual responsibility to make it work. As each of us is both a customer and an employee, we share in the rewards and challenges of candor. By adopting these five practical measures, we can together realize a fundamental shift in our business relationships:

What do people think?

Any lessons we can take away that would benefit the Eclipse community?