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Speaking at Texas Linux Fest 2010

Next weekend, I’ll be speaking at Texas Linux Fest 2010 which happens to take place in my beautiful town of Austin, Texas…

In a theme similar to what I blogged about a couple days ago about getting involved with open source, I plan to give a talk entitled Open Source from the Trenches: How to Get Involved with Open Source and Be Successful. It’s a long drawn out title, but the basic gist of it is that I have 25 minutes to share my experience in open source land with the audience. I’ve learned a lot from everyone I have met a long the way and plan to divulge some of the lessons learned. I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous as I have never given this type of talk before…

For those from the Eclipse community, anything else you want me to say that you may have learned a long the way? I think we have a special place in the open source community as we tend to dance between the line of commercial and open source really well compared to other open source communities. I was going to say “dance with the devil” but that would be very freetard of me, I’m more pragmatic these days 😉

Anyways, if you’re in the Texas area, I highly recommend attending the conference. I’m personally looking forward to these talks:

I hope to see people there. If you’re in the area and want to meet for frosty beverages, let me know. On top of that, we Red Hatters also plan to have a lot of Fedora swag at the event too (I’ll have Eclipse stickers).