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SWTBot and Eclipse Forms

When it comes to user interface testing in Eclipse, I’m a big fan of SWTBot. I had some long plane rides recently and a need to add some functionality to SWTBot so I decided to see if I could tackle an outstanding feature request in SWTBot to add Eclipse Forms support. On top of that, I also had a selfish reason to learn more about the internals of SWTBot. After forking Ketan’s copy of SWTBot on GitHub, I pushed my changes which adds an SWTFormsBot class as the primary handle to drive user interface tests.

So your test code would look something like this…

public class SWTBotImageHyperlinkTest extends AbstractSWTBotFormsTestCase {
	public void findImageHyperlink() throws Exception {
                FormView view = new FormView(shell);
                SWTFormsBot = new SWTFormsBot();
		SWTBotImageHyperlink link = 
                     bot.imageHyperlink("Image link with no image");
		assertEquals("Image link with no image", link.getText());

We’re looking to eventually integrate this into SWTBot proper, just pay attention to this bug if you’re interested.