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The March Towards EGit/JGit 0.8.0

So I have good news for those who are interested in improved Git tooling at Eclipse. The EGit and JGit projects are coordinating over the next couple weeks to release 0.8.0 which will be part of the Eclipse Helios release. So what’s changed? Here’s a brief list of new and noteworthy items for 0.8.0

  • EGit
    • Improved Import Repository Wizard
    • A new Git Repositories view
    • The team menu was cleaned up
    • Merge support
    • Tagging
  • JGit
    • Git Porcelain APIs
    • Internationalization Support
    • Performance improvements around pack creation

Well, we have managed to attract some new contributors to the project which is great. Sure, there are still some things missing in 0.8.0 (e.g., rebasing support) but we are definitely making progress. The next release after 0.8.0 will be o.9.0 and that will happen in about 3-4 months from now. We plan to iterate quick based on feedback from our community of users. A lot of the EGit team members have also been doing a good job of dogfooding more and more.

If you want to help us test 0.8.0 release candidates, please grab EGit from the nightly repository and help us dogfood 🙂