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Git Fetch Factory for PDE Build

The past few days I’ve been cleaning up a contribution to EGit that allows you to use Git as a PDE Build fetch factory.

This is important for some projects (like e4) who are using PDE Build in a certain way that requires the Git fetch factory. At the moment, you can download the fetch factory from the EGit PDE Tools nightly repository.

The map file format is: type@id,[version]=GIT,args

Where args is a comma-separated list of key-value pairs.

Accepted args include:

  • tag* – mandatory Git tag
  • repo* – mandatory repo location
  • path – optional path relative to repo which points to the element (otherwise it’s assumed that the element is at the repository root)
  • prebuilt – optional boolean value indicating that the path points to a pre-built bundle in the repository

Fetching is implemented as a three step process:

  • The repository is cloned to local disc. If it already exists, it is assumed that it was previously cloned and just new commits will be fetched
  • The specified tag will be checked out in the local clone
  • The content of the path will be copied to the final build location

If you come across any issues, let us know via the mailing list or bugzilla.