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EGit and JGit 1.3 Released

The EGit and JGit teams are happy to announce the 1.3 release, just in time for Eclipse Indigo SR2.

The precise release version is

It can be downloaded from the Eclipse Marketplace or the p2 repository.

There’s a lot of new improvements, the largest being git-submodule support:

I’m also a huge fan of the branch status decorations:

If you’re interested in the details of what’s new, check out the JGit New and Noteworthy and the EGit New and Noteworthy.

Note that this is the last release in the 1.X stream for EGit and JGit, there will be a 2.0 release in June targeting the Eclipse Juno simultaneous release. When we move to 2.0, there will be some breaking API changes and API cleanup that happens. If there was something you didn’t like about the API, now is your chance to speak up and contribute.