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EGit and JGit 2.1 Released

The EGit and JGit teams are proud to announce the 2.1 release in time for Juno SR1.

The precise release version is

This release contains some nice performance gains, improved autoCRLF support and the ability to optionally combine the commit and push to upstream steps in the Commit dialog (see EGit New and Noteworthy for the full list of features). JGit now provides an implementation for git-gc for FileRepositories (see JGit New and Noteworthy for the full list).

On a related note, I recently added BouncyCastle 1.47 to Orbit (see bug 390058). It was a long journey, but it will enable the JGit team to add support for signed commits and tags (see bugs 386908 and 382212).

Enjoy the latest release!

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