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100 Days: Eclipse Foundation Moves to Git

It’s great to see over 60% of Eclipse Foundation projects already migrated to Git.

It’s more rewarding given that this issue was brought up a couple years ago by a few community members (who were called a bit crazy at the time). It’s nice to see things finally through though, I think most people would agree that moving to Git was the right thing to do to modernize our infrastructure.

There are now 100 days until CVS becomes read only and is retired. If you’re an Eclipse Foundation project, I highly recommend migrating to Git. If you’re new to Git, I recommend trying out GitHub’s online tutorial ( and the ProGit book. If you don’t want to migrate your main repositories first, I recommend starting with your project website first.

On a related note, the EGit and JGit projects are gearing up to release 2.1 soon for Juno SR1. Here’s a sneak peak at the release notes and if you want to contribute any changes in for 2.1, you only have a few more days to do so. I personally find the performance improved in the upcoming release for larger projects that I work on. I think we’re getting closer to finally making Ed Merks happy with the tooling, almost there!

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